Beach Camp 

Tanjung Ringgit East Lombok 2012

Lombok is east of the Wallace Line where the climate and landscape is closer to that of Australia than tropical Asia. This remote beach camp has Mount Rinjani, Lombok's volcano, as a backdrop and overlooks Sumbawa Island. The camp can be reached by boat or 4WD and is for guests who want to hike, swim and fish.

Stage One has five "A Frame" bungalows and a Reception building that use braced equilateral triangle shapes. The designs follow local Sasak graphic traditions expressed in the painted panels and bamboo mask screens. The open dining tent above the kitchen is framed with recycled ironwood telegraph poles and roofed with a tensile membrane that can be relocated as the camp develops. The landscape work is to stabilise and rehabilitate the coastal scrub and dunes.

Architecture: Salter Architects

Interiors: Nexus Studio

Engineer: Catur Mitra Utama Denpasar

Tensile Structure: TomaHouse Asia

Landscape: Anton Clark Bali Landscape Co

Furniture: Bali Tedja

Builder: Lombok Solutions Development